Laid-back lounge with an international atmosphere

Chill with your friends or strike up a conversation with someone new. Our relaxed bar and lounge is the perfect place to connect with people from around the world. Seating options range from tables to bar stools to whimsical benches. Plus, there’s a karaoke room for when you want to mix things up (reservations and extra fee required).

The drink menu is small but diverse, featuring local craft specialties and global favorites. Our izakaya-style small plates are perfect for sharing and snacking. We partner with local businesses to serve up cuisine that highlights the flavors of this region, including beef and pork from nearby farms and hand-cured charcuterie.

Staff speak English, and English menus are available. Our payment system is fully cashless, so make sure to have a card or app ready (international credit cards accepted).



Garlic Soy Sauce Kara-age (Fried Chicken) You'll love the garlic and soy sauce flavors infused into this Japanese fried chicken 550 yen
Gunma's Emperor Gyoza Japanese pork dumplings made with Joshu Mugibuta pork raised in Gunma 350 yen
Bean Curd Rolls Filled with Shrimp and Cream Cheese Like a fried spring roll, but wrapped in bean curd (tofu) skin 650 yen
Ticca Tocca Ham Charcuterie Board Sausage, bologna, prosciutto, and/or other cured meats handmade by award winning local charcuterie Ticca Tocca, plus cheese and nuts 1200 yen
GGC Hamburg Steak Hamburg steaks, i.e. hamburger-like meat patties, came to Japan from Germany without the American buns. Our juicy hamburgs are made from Gunma beef and pork by local GGC Kitchen. 1200 yen
Matoi special"Chips" 450 yen
Draft Beer 550 yen
Local Craft Sake A selection of local craft sakes curated by Arai Liquor Store in nearby Maebashi 580 yen
Traveling Cocktails International cocktail menu inspired by drinks from around the world 575 yen
Japanese Whisky Ask our servers for the full lineup 650 yen