Taste the local flavors of Gunma

The Matoi cafe lunch menu features fresh local ingredients presented with an international flair. Most offerings change weekly, so you’ll never get bored. Our cafe is also the perfect place for teatime or a telework session. Enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee, or tea curated by a local tea sommelier.

Staff speak English, and English menus are available. Our payment system is fully cashless, so make sure to have a card or app ready (international credit cards accepted). Wifi and outlets are available.



Buddha Bowl A rainbow of hearty foods all in one bowl. Choose your favorite seasonal veggies, grains, nuts, tofu, dressing etc. 700 yen
Matoi Special: Traditional Japanese Lunch Rice, soup, and three small plates. The set changes weekly and features healthy Japanese dishes made with local vegetables. 1500 yen
Traveling Rice Bowl "A different rice bowl every week, based on cuisines from around the world. Hawaiian tuna poke,
Taiwanese lo bah png mincemeat, Indonesian fried rice... What will it be this week?"
900 yen
Mighty Tempting Curry Plate Plate lunch with curry and rice. The curry changes from time to time, so check the blackboard for specials. 900 yen
Kid's Lunch 650 yen
Coffee Brewed with beans from local Tonbi Coffee 550 yen
Espresso 400 yen
Long Black/Americano 450 yen
Caffè Latte 600 yen
Caffè Mocha 650 yen
Green Tea High quality leaves and blends curated by local tea shop Gurumi.
Ask our staff about today's offerings.
500 yen
Juice & Soft Drinks See in-store menu 450 yen