A refreshing escape into small-town Japan

Forget the crowds and overstimulation of the big city. Matoi Hostel is located in laid-back Takasaki, where you can travel at your own pace. Our English-speaking staff will assist you with whatever you need to enjoy this little slice of the Japanese countryside. The kitchen and living area is a warm space where you can relax like you would in your own home. Plus, with a cafe-bar-lounge on the first floor, there are plenty of great spaces to connect. Even solo travelers can arrive with confidence knowing you can find adventure buddies and make local friends here with ease.

No mask? No problem. Our hostel was built for travelers from around the world, and we understand that attitudes toward COVID are changing constantly. Guests are welcome to wear or not wear whatever PPE they find most comfortable.


Gunma: your own personal adventure playground

You’re an adventurous traveler. You know the deal. The farther from that beaten path you go, the more amazing things you get to enjoy all for yourself. Calm woodland temples with no one around to disturb the quiet. A mountain peak with just you and the perfect photo op. Quirky small-town festivals where you get to see how the locals REALLY party. Gunma has all this and more. Highlights include: some of the most famous hot spring resorts and udon noodles in Japan; a rich silk history and rich volcanic landscapes; being the #1 producer of daruma dolls, and the #1 destination to go canyoning.

Matoi Hostel is situated in a quiet residential area of Takasaki where real families go about their normal days. It’s the perfect place to get a taste of everyday Japanese life. When you want to venture further into the unknown, we’ve got you covered with small group tours led by our local and international staff.

群馬の魅力を感じる。1 群馬の魅力を感じる。2

Connect with people from around the world

Our staff come from all over, and our guests do too. At the cafe & bar lounge area, you can hang out with other travelers and find adventure buddies. You can also chat with local patrons who come to eat and drink. We are one of the only spaces in this hyperlocal area with an international twist. As a result, locals who want to connect with travelers often stop by.

We’re fully equipped with fun activities to break the ice and break down the language barrier. We’ve got a karaoke room, a Nintendo Switch with your favorite Japanese games, and monthly events.