Local sights to share

2023/06/14 [Wed]

Hi Matoi friends! June here. Today I’m working on making sightseeing resources for hostel guests: transit info sheets and pamphlet type things. Several of our guests recently have gone up to Mizusawa udon town and Ikaho Onsen, both on Mt. Haruna, so I think I’ll probably start there. Ikaho onsen is a hot spring resort town on top of the mountain, so you can enjoy great views while you take your bath. The main street of the town is a long stone staircase so it’s got an interesting layout. I went to stay there with my family when they came to visit 2 months ago, and they all really enjoyed the town.

Just down the road from Ikaho is Mizusawa, a neighborhood with one of Japan’s highest rated styles of udon. The highlight for me is the maitake mushroom tempura that comes with it. In addition to noodles though, Mizusawa has a big shrine complex. I drove a guest up to see it last week, and she said it was really beautiful. She even got to ring the big bell. Well, I guess now it’s time for me to make the official sightseeing guide for all this, rather than just rambling here!