Gobble Up the Fun: Thanksgiving in Gunma on Nov 25

2023/11/13 [Mon]

Embark on a cozy autumn adventure this November 25th (Saturday), as we bring the heartwarming tradition of Thanksgiving to Gunma! The festivities kick off at 19:00. Here’s a taste of what’s in store:

Entry Fee: Just ¥1750 gets you in the door (minors join for free!), and with free flowing drinks every 30 minutes, your glass will be toasting all night long. On the day of the event, it is necessary to come with a partner.
Dress Code: Splash a dash of autumn hues in your outfit or accessories, and blend in with the beautiful fall tapestry!
Indulge in a savory spread of Thanksgiving favorites, served a la carte—from the classic grilled turkey and comforting mashed potatoes to a sweet ending with our apple tart. Our friendly international squad from the USA, France, and Brazil is all geared up to ensure a lively and memorable night, language barriers are nowhere on the menu!

Slide into our DMs to reserve your spot. We are stirring up a celebration full of thanks, joy, and international camaraderie right here in Gunma, and you’re the guest of honor!